Is Colby Brock gay? Check who he is dating now 

There were reports that suggested that Colby Brock is gay and in a relationship with his YouTube friend, Sam. However, he later dispelled these rumors in one of his videos. Colby was not able to respond fully to the reports, however the comedian mocked them as an amusing joke. 

Colby Brock

His fans are often curious to know the answer of- Is Colby Brock gay? If yes, then whom he is dating currently? If you’re interested in knowing more about his current relationship status, continue to read more! 

Is Colby Brock Dating Someone? 

Colby Brock is not dating anyone right now and single at the moment. However, we witnessed people gossiping on Twitter about the famous personality, Colby Brock, in a romantic relationship with YouTuber Amber Scholl. Amber, a 27 year old personality who became famous by creating popular videos for teenagers, driving millions of followers on Instagram. 

The rumors of Colby dating Amber began in the middle of 2020, when both appeared in the same videos on their channels on YouTube. Colby even uploaded a new video about a month later which made people more curious to know about Colby Brock’s Girlfriend

Colby Brock Amber

Both Colby and Amber were constantly appearing in each other’s videos and posts on social media, which made people wonder about Amber being Colby Brock’s Girlfriend. Despite sharing a cute romantic chemistry and a close bond, the two repeatedly stated that they’re friends and nothing more. 

Thus, the mystery surrounding their relationship continues to be a shrouded one which leaves their fans wondering whether Colby Brock is Gay. Apart from this rumored relationship, Colby has not yet been seen to have links with anyone romantically.

Is Colby Brock really a Gay? 

This is a very common question that usually strikes most of his fans. Colby Brock hasn’t revealed anything about being gay yet. His followers are curious to speculate about his sexuality. However, nobody has yet questioned the YouTuber on this subject. Also, he neither accepted nor denied anything about being gay. 

Is Colby Brock gay

But after all these speculations, the situation became a little sour that Colby decided to speak about the subject in one of his videos. After reading stories about him, along with Sam, his YouTube friend, people rumored they are dating. So, he decided to create a humorous video where he discussed rumors about his relationship and friendship with Sam, who is his closest friend. In the end, Colby did not deny these rumors in clear terms. Colby also dressed as an E-girl before, which further enhances the mystery of the tales and prompts debates about whether Colby Brock is a gay? 

However, it’s important to understand that how someone dresses doesn’t always reflect their sexual orientation. There’s not enough information to determine about Colby’s sexual preferences even with all the speculation. 

As per our review, Colby was seen associated with women before which makes these remarks even more complicated. The fans continue to have heated debates and form a guess about his personal life since the actual facts are currently unknown. 

Who is Colby Brock Girlfriend? 

According to some reports, Colby was in a relationship with another YouTuber, Amber Scholl. Amber Scholl became famous similar to Colby with her viral videos for teenagers. Scholl also has more than one million Instagram followers. Scholl’s YouTube channel began to take off after she launched her Broke Girl Hacks videos in October 2016. Since the beginning of her journey as a cult YouTube phenomenon, Scholl has been represented by Marienor Madrilejo from Abrams Artists Agency.

In the meantime, the rumor of a relationship began after Colby Brock and Amber Scholl both shared a short film that showcased each other around the middle of 2020. The video was shared within a month. The two YouTubers appear regularly in their videos as well as their social media postings. Although their relationship appears more than a mere relationship, both social media celebrities have stated that they’re just friends.’ 

Past Relationships and Breakups of Colby Brock 

We witnessed Colby Brock links to several females in the past, including his YouTube friend, Brennen Taylor. There was speculation that the two could be together in the year 2018 after they shared a few videos together on Brennen’s YouTube channel. However, Brennen and Colby never confirmed their relationship and it’s uncertain to say if they were in a romantic relationship. 

Talking about Colby Brock breakup history, the famous personality involved no notable breakups. As mentioned before, his relationship history is mostly a mystery. Moreover, we never saw him making any public confessions relating to his romantic relationships. 


As per our research, Colby Brock, a well-known YouTuber, found connections with several famous individuals in the past, including Amber Scholl. Despite not divulging his sexual orientation, many have been interested to check who he is dating now. There were circulating rumors saying Colby Brock is gay. Colby denied the claims in a video. 

Despite these unknown speculations, Brock chose to keep private life a mystery. He also didn’t confess anything about his current romantic relationship with anyone.

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