Is Jonathan Majors Gay? Truth behind the sexuality of the actor

Being one of the emerging actors in Hollywood, Majors is on a quest to make a new genre of epic films that help to define an image of the Black American experience into its appropriate place in the cinematic canon. However, in the wake of diverse events, he is no more in the limelight. But, this time, the attention grabbed due to a rumor- Is Jonathan Majors Gay? Do Jonathan Majors look gay? Let us solve this mystery here.

Is Jonathan Majors Gay

Is Jonathan Majors Gay? Real Or Rumor

Jonathan juggled around debates that circulated online about his sexual orientation following an image of him and Michael. Jonathan faced a lot of criticism on social media, including some users voicing their opinions and questioning- Is Jonathan Majors Gay?

However, some fans were supportive by offering a defense against the allegations and a response to this criticism. Additionally, when Jonathan covered a photography shoot for a magazine cover, some fans criticized him in a negative way, and his sexuality became an issue of debate in a tweet later deleted.

Jonathan Majors Dating Currently

So, a very straight answer to doubt is no. But, remember that a person’s sexuality is something that they’re the sole personality to decide on whether or not to reveal it with other people. Whatever one feels about Majors as an individual or his acting talents and contributions to the business of entertainment merit consideration and admiration. We know that he’s not gay and there’s nothing in his previous actions or words that suggest something like this.

Jonathan Played On-screen Real-Life Gay Activist

In the drama series- When We Rise, Jonathan played the role of a real-life homosexual activist, Ken Jones. While preparing for his part, Jonathan had the opportunity to meet Ken and get to know more about his experiences. 

After his participation with the movement for gay rights that followed the Vietnam War, Jones becomes conscious of and confronts the issue of discrimination within the gay community. The show highlights his personal experiences and  obstacles he faced when he fought for LGBTQ rights and the issue of discrimination based on race in the community.

Who is Jonathan Majors Dating Currently? Is He A Father also?

Despite the rumors about Jonathan Majors is Gay, some reports conclude that the actor is in a romantic relationship with the actress Meagan Good. While no one knows for how long the couple is dating, people close to the pair confirmed that the couple became quite close in a very short time.

Jonathan is a skilled actor with remarkable talent to play every character effortlessly and his homosexual roles impressed many hearts. No doubt he is an extremely talented singer, Jonathan is a caring and loving father to his daughter, Ella Majors. While he does occasionally speak about his daughter during interviews, he did not publicly reveal Ella’s mom.

Shocking Domestic Violence Charges Against Jonathan Shook His Fans

A New York jury found the actor Jonathan Majors guilty of two misdemeanor charges, harassing and assault against his girlfriend at the time.

Jonathan Majors girlfriend

The night prior to the incident, Majors, the Creed III star and his girlfriend- Grace Jabbari, 30, an actress and dancer had a violent altercation in the car. Jabbari admitted in court that the altercation escalated into physical violence when she saw romantic messages on the Majors’s mobile. After Jabbari removed the device out of his hand, Majors turned her wrist to a point that resulted in excruciating pain and struck her head on the table, Jabbari told jurors. Adding to this she also told Majors squeezed her middle fingers until they broke.

He faced severe charges for aggravated assault and was ultimately found guilty of third and second-degree harassment.

Jonathan Majors Relationships

Majors did not reveal his sexual orientation publicly and no one saw him involved in a romantic relationship. Some may misconstrue the character he played in Ken Jones in When We Rise as homosexual, it shouldn’t be taken as a sign of. Being a skilled actor who has played a variety of roles, Majors was arrested on domestic violence charges against a thirty-year-old woman.

Despite his legal issues, Meagan Good seems to make progress towards returning to her feet in a relationship. Last week, she was spotted with her husband and reports suggested that they’re in a relationship. However, some believe that he is using her to come back to the spotlight. Whereas others think that both share a wonderful connection, and they must remain together.


So, in this post, we reviewed the doubt- Is Jonathan Majors Gay, deeply. As per our review, we can conclude that Minors is not gay. Despite having a daughter, rumors of his sexuality persist and could affect his professional life and his relationships with others who surround him. Thus, we must focus on his acting skills instead of worrying about their private lives. 

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