How did Randy Tillim from Savage Garage die? Is he did suicide? The cause of Death explained

If you are a fan of sports cars and love finding new facts about them, you must have heard about Randy Tillim. In case you’ve missed it, Randy – The Savage Tillim was the host of the famous YouTube channel Savage Garage. He was well-known for his videos about sports cars and his exotic car collection.

But no matter how powerful or famous a person is, we all are immortals and will have to leave this world at any moment. The same has happened with Randy Tillim. His sudden demise has brought a wave of shock among the YouTubers while leaving his fans in the deepest agony.

Aside from this death, what exactly disturbed Rnady’s fans is the mystery surrounding his demise. His death at the peak of his career gives a hint of suspicion which everyone (who loves Randy) want to solve.

Do you love mysteries and want to uncover the cause of Randy Tillim’s death? Well, in that case, this article will definitely captivate your attention. We have reviewed the whole situation and compiled everything you want to know about Randy Tillim’s death. Scroll down, and you’ll definitely get closure by the end of this write-up.

How Did Randy Tillim From Savage Garage Die? Everything You Want to Know
How Did Randy Tillim From Savage Garage Die? Everything You Want to Know

Randy Tillim Wiki & Bio

Since you have ended up on this tutorial, we assumed that you are well aware of YouTube star Randy Tillim. But in case you are a new reader and have no information about Randy, here’s a quick bio that’ll help you get a clear idea about Who Randy Tillim is and why his death has brought a shocking wave among his fans and co-creators.

Real Name Randy Tillim
Profession YouTuber and Founder of Clarus Merchant Services
Famous For Car Collection
Net Worth Between $4 – $6 million
Age 51
Death 15 April 2022
Family Wife: Ana TillimKids: Ryan and Jack Tillim

Randy Tillim Death – What Has Exactly Happened?

Randy Tillim Death - What Has Exactly Happened?
Randy Tillim Death – What Has Exactly Happened?

One of the most recent tragedies affecting the supercar world is Randy Tillim’s premature and sudden death. Randy was a famous YouTuber, social media influencer and CEO, and Founder of Clarus Merchant Services. This YouTuber was at the height of his career, and his sudden demise has brought not only a wave of shock but also a mystery for his fans and co-creators.

The enigmatic circumstances surrounding his passing have disturbed his fans and family to a great extent while preventing them from receiving full closure to let him go completely. He died on April 15, 2022, and this unfortunate incident happened after he held the Savage Rally.

This YouTuber left his wife, Ana, and two kids, Jack and Ryan, who are completely in shock by his sudden demise. The announcement of his passing was first made by the Savage Garage crew on April 17 via Instagram. Their post quoted – We inform you with a heavy heart that Randy Tillim died away this night. And this post has changed the life of his fans and the supercar world in seconds.

His Instagram and YouTube channel was then filled with condolence messages, and fans started asking about the reason for his death on the channel’s crew. But they finally released a statement, saying – The cause of death was not disclosed by the family. And that’s what raised questions and mystery around his demise.

Most of his crew members wrote about Randy Tillim and said they had never met somebody as kind and sincere as Randy. This YouTuber was at the peak of his career, and his death amidst suspicious circumstances undoubtedly shook everyone around him, including the crew, family, friends, and fans.

Apart from the crew members, lots of YouTubers and his close friends came forward to pay condolences to his family. A fellow supercar YouTuber and Randy’s close friend, Alex Choi, wrote that the world had lost a sincerely charitable and selfless man. Randy always took care of everyone around him, and his loss was beyond measure. He also wrote that Randy was his mentor and taught him to be better, kind, and selfless.

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The Cause of Randy Tillim’s Death – Is He Did Suicide?

Sudden deaths not only bring shock to the family and friends but also accompanies by mystery, suspicion, and pain to let the subject go for good. That’s what happened in the case of Randy Tillim.

Fans are not just expressing their sorrow and grief, they are constantly questioning the circumstances and seeking the exact cause of this loss to get their closure. Some fans even posted – Does Randy Randy Tillim die of Suicide?

These questions and doubts are 100% genuine since Randy was fit and healthy and suffering from no medical history. Then what exactly leads to this unfortunate loss?

Randy died a few days after the Savage Rally and was doing good in his life; therefore, these questions are absolutely normal and must be addressed to avoid spreading fake news. To your surprise, some fans even claimed Randy Tillim’s death was a murder. So, what exactly is true, and what is the true cause of Randy’s demise?

Since the internet is stuffed with these questions, our team has reviewed the matter and compiled all the answers Randy’s fans might be looking for.

Randy Tillim died in his home from an accidental Rifle shot wound. Sounds surprising? Indeed, it is. This news is no less than a shock for Randy’s fans and can be categorized as a tragic accident.

According to YouTuber Aaron Palos’ coverage, a “tragic accident” had taken his life. Savage Garage’s crew member confirmed that Randy had been involved in an accident. In this channel “Life of Palos”, Aaron said that he talked to Rachel (a team member of the Savage Garage team), and she confirmed that Randy was involved in an accident that led to his passing away.

Although the accident was not specified, additional information emerged from a 911 Dispatch Call made by Randy’s wife on the night of his death. The call confirmed that Randy had sustained a shot wound from a rifle and died in his home. But while the accident has been confirmed, the location of the shot wound is still a matter of debate. Some reports state that he was shot in the head, while others claim that he was shot in the chest. It’s still not confirmed whether it was an accident or suicide.

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What was Randy Tillim Net Worth At the Time of Death?

Randy Tillim Net Worth At the Time of Death
Randy Tillim Net Worth At the Time of Death

Wondering how rich was Randy Tillim? Well, the exact net worth of this YouTuber is still a mystery as he has never shared these facts with the public. However, as far as our research is concerned, Randy Tillim’s net worth is estimated to be more than $100 million at the time of his death, making him one of the richest YouTubers of all time.

To your surprise, some sources also claim his net worth to be $5 billion. However, that’s incorrect, as his actual income is known to nobody except his family. The major source of Randy’s income is from his YouTube channel. And not to mention he was the CEO and founder of Clarus Merchant Services, and his company was doing well.

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Lesser-Known Facts About Randy Tillim

Below, we have mentioned some interesting yet lesser-known facts about Randy Tillim. Scroll down and have a look.

  • Randy Tillim’s YouTube Channel, Savage Garage, has over 6 lakh subscribers.
  • He was 51 years old at the time of his death.
  • Randy Tillim has two kids, Jack and Ryan.
  • His company has once earned a revenue between $9 and $9.5 million.


Q. What was Randy Tillim’s weight at the time of his death?

Ans. Randy Tillim’s weight was 80kg (176.37 lbs) at the time of his death.

Q. How tall was Randy Tillim when he died?

Ans. Randy Tillim was 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Summing Up

That’s all about Randy Tillim’s death. We hope now you are aware of if Randy has done suicide or if it was just an accident. His family is still picking pieces and is devastated by this tragic incident. Ana released a statement saying that she lost a husband of 29 years, and his kids lost their father. It’s hard for them to continue, and this has been extremely difficult for their entire family. However, Ana didn’t mention the cause of death in her statement and requested everyone to respect their privacy.

Randy Tillim’s death is no less than a tragic accident, and it is exceptionally hard to forget for both his family and friends. So, we think our write-up has finally helped fans get the closure they might be looking for. For more such celebrity news, stay tuned with us.