Famous Names And Musicians Who Love Casino Games

There’s a lot you could say about celebrities and musicians, but something they have in common is that they will usually have fair amounts of wealth and spare time on their hands. And this combination leads them to enjoy some fun activities, with one of them being to play casino games.

It’s somewhat strange how popular slots games are with the general casino public, and the fact that it seems famous folk are just not that interested in them. But this is largely because other options, such as heading down to land-based casinos and playing games like roulette, blackjack and poker, can be more fun and offer a great social experience. And this is evidenced by those mentioned below.

Ben Affleck

You will often see actor and director Ben Affleck appear on these lists because while he does have a passion for playing casino games, he’s actually taken his love further and is renowned for being an excellent poker player. He’s competed in multiple tournaments over the years and has regularly been seen in the casinos of Las Vegas taking on some solid opponents at the poker table.


Canadian rapper Drake is one of the most successful musicians of the current generation. And as well as being known for some big tracks listened to by millions on Spotify, Drake is also known for enjoying life and having a good time, including hitting Vegas like many other famous people. He’s even gone as far as referencing gambling in his music, with slots, blackjack and poker all games Drake’s a fan of.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a friend of Ben Affleck’s, and they share a similar outlook when it comes to casino games. Damon is also a poker fan, and, like Affleck, he’s also a great player of the game. The actor starred in Rounders, a renowned gambling movie, and his passion for poker started there, and it’s developed into him competing in tournaments over the years where he’s more than held his own.


Slash is the guitarist of the iconic hard rock band Guns N Roses. And, as many will know, being a member of a band such as Guns N Roses and being legendary in this particular genre of music means that chasing adrenaline rushes is the norm. Over the years, Slash has made no secret that he is an adrenaline junkie and has spoken before about how playing blackjack gives him the hit he needs.

The pick of games that celebrities and musicians often go with are card games and, more often than not, poker and blackjack. The great thing about the former is that players can put their skills to work, as seen with the likes of Affleck and Damon, who took their love of the game further and developed into great players. For others, it’s just about having fun, which blackjack provides in bundles, especially in locations such as Vegas, which is a regular haunt for celebrities and musicians.