Experience New Balance: Quality and Comfort Beyond Expectation

Schrader says her 990s are durable enough for her intense ripping style, with plenty of cushion provided by their Fresh Foam soles. She looks forward to upgrading to the v5 version.

New Balance has made collaborations a priority to regain relevance among younger consumers and reclaim relevance among them. New Balance brand shoes makes a bold statement that delivers quality, style, and comfort with each wear.


New Balance made waves during 2016 by tapping into streetwear culture and giving collaborators greater autonomy to bring their visions to fruition. While bigger rivals like Nike SNKRS curated collaboration drops more systematically, New Balance had a small team who managed every project and allowed partners to manage marketing themselves.

New Balance has taken an effective approach in their strategy, which appears to have paid off. While other sneaker manufacturers were preoccupied with techy styles such as Yeezys and Adidas UltraBoosts, New Balance focused on subdued silhouettes with marketing campaigns drawing inspiration from their archives.

Roxas sees evidence of this strategy taking hold on the streets, where younger people are gravitating to 990s and 574s more quickly than ever before.


Like other major shoe brands, New Balance relies heavily on celebrities and collaborations to boost its visibility, as well as innovation to attract younger buyers – something Crocs and other sneakers with add-on charms called Jibbitz enable wearers to express through.

New Balance has seen success through collaborations with designers like Aime Leon Dore and acclaimed storytellers such as Joe Freshgoods in expanding its audience base. By breaking away from its image as an Ohio dad brand, New Balance now taps into fashion-forward trends found on TikTok to reach more diverse consumers.

New Balance stands out from its competition through its commitment to environmental sustainability. Utilizing recycled polyester and leather to lower environmental impact and support domestic economies. In addition, New Balance sources 100% renewable electricity for its owned facilities while working with suppliers to minimize carbon emissions at tanneries and factories. Furthermore, New Balance shows its community spirit through sponsorship of youth sports teams.


New Balance has long been a force in sneaker culture, producing shoes that have withstood time and trends alike. While its designs remain timeless, New Balance remains flexible enough to adapt its styles based on consumer feedback or fashion trends.

Take, for example, the 990: It was created in the early 80s as a running shoe solution and is now widely considered an icon of design – while also serving its intended function of running shoes well.

Joe Freshgoods and Salehe Bembury have utilized Nike footwear as the canvas to craft personal stories through artful collaborations, like Bembury’s orange “Peace Be the Journey” 2002R inspired by Arizona’s Antelope Canyon and Havasu Canyons.

New Balance has made an effort to reduce its ecological impact through partnerships with smaller brands and creators as well as by switching over to renewable electricity sources for its operations. Furthermore, its goal of zero waste to landfill by 2025 remains intact.


New Balance shoes provide exceptional value for the money, being comfortable, grippy and versatile shoes that come in various widths to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes. Not only are these great for walking or cross-training activities; they look good with any number of outfits too!

Nike and Adidas have proven successful at employing this strategy with their collaborators in the past, providing more freedom for them to express their creative vision on sneakers manufactured by these companies.

New Balance has allowed its collaborative artists to use its shoes to create worlds that immerse customers into their imagination, such as Joe Freshgoods’ 990v4s and Salehe Bembury’s utilitarian take on the 574. As a result, New Balance saw strong growth on resale site StockX–up 200 percent since 2022–which can partly be attributed to this effort and partially because millennials tend to favor brands which focus on humanizing products through storytelling and humanizing their product experience.

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