Dangers in plain sight: The accidents most likely to occur in a public area

As you go about your daily routine, it’s unlikely that you will think of all the possible dangers around you. In fact, doing so could even be considered extreme. You could become hypervigilant and anxious and start seeing dangers even in places where there aren’t any. While that’s not desirable, it’s nonetheless essential to remain aware of the possible risks, particularly if you’re prone to injuries. Being disabled, having mobility issues, or a disorder that means your wounds won’t heal normally and you will require special treatment are some of the most important reasons why you should be mindful of the possible injuries you might incur outside.

Slips and falls

Arguably, the most common type of injury includes slipping and falling. This can occur for various reasons, such as ice or snow that hasn’t been removed, broken steps or uneven pavement. In some cases, the injuries can be minor, and your only concern will be the embarrassment and maybe a few scrapes and bruises. But for other people, the consequences can be quite severe. Lacerations and even bone fractures can occur in some cases. If you hit your head or spine, the injuries can have long-lasting and sometimes even permanent effects on your mobility and balance.

If you were the victim of this type of accident, you should consider filing a compensation claim. A solicitor can guide you through the legal proceedings so that you know exactly what to do in order to obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to. You should be able to provide additional evidence regarding the circumstances of your accident that can show only the other party is to blame for your injuries due to their negligence. You should also add proof concerning your medical expenses, as you can get further compensation for financial troubles.


When you go grocery shopping or for some much-needed retail therapy, the last thing you expect is to become injured. Unfortunately, it can happen, as there are numerous hazards that can harm you in these enclosed spaces. Spills are common in supermarkets. Both customers and staff can cause them, and they are often not cleaned immediately. During times of heavy rain, there can also be leakage from roofs that might not be adequately signposted. Since it’s easy to be distracted in shops, you might not notice these spills until it is too late.

Items could fall off of shelves if improperly stacked or if the products are crowded together in a relatively small area. Sometimes, you might even trip and fall on floors that have been freshly cleaned or polished. Some customers have also been caught in entrance doors or ended up with deep cuts from sharp edges and other fittings.


The gym is the place where you come to get some movement in, stretch and work towards achieving your fitness goals. The owners and operators have a responsibility to keep all equipment in perfect order and good condition and train all new staff members so that they are aware of the possible safety concerns. Accidents can occur as a result of faulty equipment or inadequate supervision. For instance, personal trainers might be distracted and fail to monitor the activities of gym users adequately.

In some cases, they might simply not intervene even when an accident is imminent. It’s not just traditional gyms that can be the spot for an accident, but also leisure areas such as parks, public gardens, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Injuries can be debilitating for someone used to being active and getting a lot of movement every day. It’s not just your physical health that suffers in the aftermath of such an incident, but your emotional health, too.


Another inconspicuous area that you wouldn’t traditionally associate with the risk of becoming injured is the restaurant. Since these establishments can be busy and crowded, the risk of someone slipping and falling is high. Spills are also typical in restaurants. Unless they’re cleaned immediately, they can pose risks to the customers. Sometimes, restaurants can also be quite cluttered, especially if they’re small and have many visitors who walk in carrying umbrellas, coats, bags and backpacks.

Carpets or floor tiles that are worn out or poorly fitted can also cause visitors to fall and injure themselves. A particular concern that is unique to eating establishments is the risk of allergic reactions or anaphylactic shock. The second is the more serious manifestation that can even land people in the hospital. If you know that certain foods trigger uncomfortable physical reactions, you must discuss them with the staff beforehand.

It’s not just that they should not, under any circumstance, include that ingredient in your dish; they should also be careful so that your food does not come into contact with the allergen. For instance, if you’re allergic to peanuts, your food should not be mistakenly stirred with the same spoon used to stir a pot with a simmering peanut sauce. This will transfer the ingredient and can potentially cause you to develop a rash, headaches and swelling, and, in some cases, low blood pressure and loss of consciousness can develop.


If you’re a parent, your child’s safety and well-being are your top priorities. Going to a playground is a great way to encourage play and time spent outdoors, but you should consider the age groups allowed on the premises, as well as the equipment and toys that are appropriate for them. Some of the common accidents that occur on playgrounds are the result of defective swing chains or exposed metal on slides. Although they might sound like minor concerns, they can cause severe injuries that result in profuse bleeding and bone fractures.

Anyone who owns or manages the playground is responsible for proper maintenance that guarantees the safety of the users, so you can request compensation from them in case your child becomes wounded.

Although accidents in public areas are not uncommon, you should know that you can always rely on medical and legal experts to heal and get your life back on track.