Best Poker Influencers to Follow

Poker is a game that has experienced a huge uptake in play over recent years. Due to greater exposure from a range of mediums, there are more players involved now than ever before.

Many of those players are happy to keep things simple and play for fun, while others will want to test their poker skills at online and physical casinos. A smaller percentage of players may even have aspirations of making it in the professional game.

One thing unites all of those players, and that’s a need for information.

A Perfect Storm

The poker world, like most industries, has benefited greatly from digitalisation. The rise of online casinos makes it easy to play a game of poker at any time of the day or night. While TV coverage of the top tournaments has undoubtedly improved, it’s also possible to catch up on more professional play via live digital streaming.

Social media has also helped to boost the game’s profile. Those that take poker seriously will be heading to Twitter, Instagram and the rest in order to catch up on tips and the latest news. Within those platforms, many poker influencers have emerged to capture huge audiences.

Because there is so much choice, it can be difficult to know who to follow, so here is a list of the top influencers around today.

Daniel Negreanu

Canada’s Daniel Negreanu proved that anything is possible in the world of poker. Having dropped out of high school, he went on to become a world champion. Among Negreanu’s trophy cabinet are two WPT World Championship titles and no fewer than six World Series of Poker bracelets.

His career earnings have now exceeded $50 million, and the number continues to grow. Because of that sustained success, there can be few better influencers to follow on social media.

Daniel Negreanu is particularly active on Instagram, where his realkidpoker page has exceeded 13,000 followers. On Twitter, that number of followers goes beyond the half a million mark. It’s one of the more diverse social media accounts with tips, news, history and a whole host of merchandise up for grabs.

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Dan Bilzerian

There are many celebrity poker players who have done well at the game. In the main, their social media accounts are diluted by their other activities, but that’s not the case with Dan Bilzerian.

An American-Armenian businessman, Bilzerian has enjoyed great success on the table, and much of this is documented in his book ‘ The Setup.’ On social media, he focuses on the game, and can now boast more than 35 million instagram followers.

There’s more of an entertainment element to Bilzerian’s pages, but there is a good mix of serious news and tips too. Because of his high profile, he’s probably spawned more fake accounts than most, so be sure to follow the real thing.

Jessica Teusl

One of the rising stars of women’s poker, Jessica Teusl has made a big impact on social media in a small space of time. She was the ladies’ world champion in 2022, and claimed her first Word Series of Poker bracelet in the same year.

Teusl embraced social media and has now built up more than 64,000 followers on Instagram. Her Twitter feed has been slower to build up, but there will be more to come across all of the platforms. There are fewer tips on these pages, but Teusl posts plenty of photos from tournaments so that readers can get a feel of the big leagues.

Nathan Williams

He’s hardly a household name, so why has Nathan Williams’ social media presence become so influential? The reason why he stands out is because many aspiring poker players can really identify with his journey.

Williams set out to illustrate the life of an online poker player looking to gain a foothold. Based in Thailand, he plays at digital casinos, but he also travels all over the world in order to compete in a range of tournaments.

For those looking to follow his lead, Nathan William’s Instagram and other social media accounts may provide some invaluable resources.

Doug Polk

A hugely experienced poker player, Doug Polk offers one of the best insights into the game. If he is taking part in a major tournament, expect to see regular updates to keep you informed as to what is happening around the table.

As with many of his contemporaries, Polk is more active on Instagram where he can be found at dougpolkpoker. Here, his following has burst through 95,000 fan and should shortly reach the 100,000 mark.

There are many other influencers around and each one offers something a little different. There will be useful tips, news about upcoming tournaments and insights into the worlds of those professional players.

There are many competing accounts out there, but these are all up there with the best of them.