Barbara Windsor’s widower, Scott Mitchell, Finally Finds Love Again

Scott Mitchel, the widower of the renowned actress Barbara Windsor, has found love again three years after the death of his wife. He says that life feels really good once again after years of grief and loneliness. This is after the 60-year-old went on holiday with Tanya Franks in Greece.

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Friends and family were thrilled to see them both together and happy. Several celebrities reached out to wish the pair good luck and a special time together. Many expressed their wish to see the couple shine and reach greater heights.

Who is Tanya Franks?

Tanya, 55, appeared in EastEnders just like her lover’s former wife, Barbara. She played Tanya Branning’s sister, Rainie Cross, in these sensational BBC soaps. The actress is a writer, actress and producer who stays in London.

The actress is best known for her roles as a star in Family Affairs, Pulling, The Bill and Lucy Stevens. She has also founded a production company called Stock-Pot Productions. Tanya was earlier married to a fellow actor, James Barriscale, who at one time played a desk sergeant named John Swift in the film WPC 56.

To date, Tanya has appeared in over 382 episodes of EastEnders. Her debut was in 2007, when she took up the role of Rainie, a drug addict who crosses paths with several on-set family members. During her seventh stint at the company, she fell in love with Phil Mitchel, a character played by Steve McFadden. On the screen, Phil is Barbara’s son.

The story line behind the set has been described as horrid by several on-set and other actors. However, it still gets lots of viewers across the world. By being an actress, Tanya shares a lot with Scott and that’s partly the reason why they have been moving a lot.

They Will Take Things Slowly but be Focused on the Future

According to a source close to them, the couple has decided to widen their circle and move the relationship a bit closer. They have not given any information about the direction of their relationship. However, it is expected that both will move on together into the future.

While they are in their early stages of dating, the couple has forged friendships over the years and worked on projects together. One of the popular projects that they carried out together was raising awareness about Alzheimer’s with what was called Bab’s Army. Tanya ran the marathon in honour of his stepfather, Derek, who succumbed to the condition.

The other time that they were pictured together was sometime in May, when they attended a summer garden party lunch hosted by Ashley Brodin. This shows the great friendship that has existed between them. It will play a role in their future together as a couple.

What Was the Course of Death for Scott’s Lover?

Barbara was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease four years before her death. She was also said to have dementia issues. For most of the illness, she fought bravely and continued to live normally until the condition finally overwhelmed her towards the end of the four years.

Scott says that he was by his wife’s side for the last week of her life. He says that she died peacefully. Besides, he says that she told him to cry a bit about her passing and then have the best life thereafter. Scott says that her last month of life was typical of how she lived since he knew her: full of humour, drama and fighting to the end.

When describing her life, Scott said that her friends, family and himself always remembered her warm affection, love and smiles. For the many years of friendship, fun and love that she brought to the lives of the people that interacted with her, her memory remains across her family and the film industry at large.

What Is Scott’s Feeling about His New Love?

Scott thought that he could not love again after the death of his wife. Her loss dealt a blow to his life, and he took time off from several assignments to try and get his energy back. He once said that he was blessed to have Barbara by his side.

The actor says that the relationship with Barbara was meant to work due to their differences in many areas. However, it did work against all odds. He says that he will forever be thankful to Barbara for choosing him to share her life with.

There is little known about Scott’s dating life before he dated Barbara. Many people thought the 27-year age gap was too big for the marriage to work and there were tabloids that said that the couple had an open marriage.

On the other hand, Tanya has never given full details about her breakup with James Barriscale. All the best to the new couple as they explore life together!