Which Celebrities Are Also Known as Famous Craps Players

When they aren’t flying to exotic destinations in their private jets and conducting a number of interviews with the media ahead of a new album or movie release, some of the world’s most famous celebrities indulge in some gambling, be it online or at a world-famous casino resort in the flesh.

Craps is a particular favourite for many famous faces, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a game that people can grasp fairly quickly. Unlike poker, which can take years to master, craps is a fairly simple game. Many famous craps players have picked up some humongous wins without spending huge amounts of time tackling the basics.

Whether or not any celebrities have experienced the same type of success as professional players like dice-control expert Frank Scoblete have isn’t known. Still, craps is certainly a favoured choice for many much-loved personalities.

Matt Damon Dabbles in Craps

Poker is clearly his favourite casino game, but Matt Damon is also known to break up his poker-playing marathons with the occasional game of craps.

An avid casino gamer who has been pictured at casino resorts around the world, when he isn’t starring in the Bourne movie franchise and producing movies of his own, Damon frequents casinos, bluffs his way to success in poker competitions, and occasionally rolls some dice on the craps table.

Frank Scoblete certainly isn’t, but Damon clearly knows his way around a casino gaming floor, and craps appears to be one of his go-to options when his poker game might be a bit off on a particular day.

Mike Tyson and Rick Ross Helped Launch Craps at Hollywood Hard Rock Casino

Although many people in America associate gambling with Las Vegas, the 25th-most populous city in the United States isn’t the only place you can sample casino favourites like craps.

In Florida, the Seminole Hollywood Hard Rock Casino recently launched craps, alongside roulette and other popular table games, with the likes of Mike Tyson and Rick Ross in attendance. Just how often the boxing legend and the American rapper and record executive play the game is unknown, but they were both seen enjoying themselves while playing craps, plus other well-liked table games, at the launch night.

Other celebrities at the event includes the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars, Tiësto, Heather Graham, Diplo, Dwyane Wade, and Fat Joe.

Ray Romano is a Passionate Craps Player

An American stand-up comedian, actor and screenwriter, Ray Romano is an accomplished craps player who has been spotted playing the game on numerous occasions.

The main face of the “Everybody Loves Raymond” sitcom that is adored by many, Romano is adept at the game and appears to have been playing it for a number of years. Experience can certainly go a long way when playing a game like craps, and Romano appears to have a great deal of knowledge in a game so many casino gamers are discovering today.


Regarded by many gamblers as the ultimate game of chance, craps doesn’t require the same amount of skill as other prominent casino games do. Unlike poker or blackjack, craps players need to master various elements that revolve around a dice, such as dice control. Additionally, craps players must employ the best strategy to match their specific budget. It isn’t too complicated overall, and that makes it a perfect pastime activity for casino newbies.