Megan Fox Looks More Stunning Now- Unveiling The Truth Behind Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Rumors

Megan Fox surprised her fans with her new looks as her face appears to be different now. Even though the Johnny And Clyde star, being 35 never admitted about any of her cosmetic procedures, her face changed dramatically over the years. The fans of the Transformers actress speculated rumors about Megan Fox Plastic Surgery.

However, she tried her best to hide her face from the camera when she left Beverly Hills’ Diamond Face Institute a few weeks back. So, let us unveil the truth behind the Megan Fox Plastic Surgery speculations here.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery- Real Or Rumor?

Since her first step to limelight, we can see changes in Megan Fox’s appearance. Although the Transformers star never confessed having cosmetic surgery at any time in her past, the before and after Megan Fox Plastic Surgery photos depict too much about her altered appearance.

In the year 2010, the mother of three was questioned about her possibility of lip injections, which she denied. The Jonah Hex actress stated that she has never had Botox, cheek enhancements or any other surgical enhancements to her facial area.

Megan Fox before and after Plastic Surgery

But in the case of plastic surgery generally she’s not in opposition to the idea. She would recommend anyone who would like to undergo plastic surgery to talk with an experienced therapist to determine the source of this desire. In March 2022, Megan got spotted visiting the Diamond Face Institute Surgery Centre in Beverly Hills, where she stayed for almost three hours. The institute is also famous for cosmetic procedures and her fans speculated about Megan Fox Plastic Surgery.

Megan’s Nose Looks Different Now

When we see Megan Fox in her younger years, her face and nose were different. The Transformer actress had a slightly wider nose with a vertical cleft at the tip of her front nose in the year 2005. The nose seemed perfectly beautiful and normal at that time. But not enough for Megan Fox, as we can see her before and after pictures where in the year 2008, her nose looked thinner and more refined.

Megan Fox nose surgery

When we compare before and after Megan Fox Plastic Surgery pictures, her nose from 2007 and 2012 looks subtle but noticeable. So, if we anticipate the changes in her nose shape, Megan’s nose looks like she altered it around late 2007 or early 2008. Or maybe right after she cashed the Transformers’ paycheck.

Did Megan Ever Receive a Facelift Procedure?

When we see her jaw line in recent pictures, it seems more fuller which could be a result of fat transfer. Moreover, the majority of the indicators depict that she is possibly sporting a ponytail lift, similar to Ariana Grande. We can say that a few industry experts  in 2021 suggested that her face is showing every sign of a ponytail/endoscopic facial lift (and even a neck lift). Most younger celebrities usually undergo a change in their appearance. This is what we can anticipate for Megan Fox, that to hide her aging effects, she might have a traditional facelift.

Did Megan Fox Get Botox Treatment?

With all the changes that we can witness on Megan’s face, it is quite visible that she had Botox. She might have taken this for a smoother and wrinkle-free forehead.

In the midst of Megan Fox Botox speculations, she posted pictures of her on her facebook page in 2011 that showed- things you must avoid to your face after having botox.

Megan Fox Breast Augmentation

When Megan participated in candid photoshoots, a larger bust was just a means to increase her popularity as a gorgeous beauty. The breast augmentation was flawlessly executed and her new body fit perfectly into all the proportions, overall enhancing her body. Only a flawless form and an accentuated broad cleavage signify the implants.

However, in 2011, Megan removed her implants. In 2014, on the sets of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we again saw Megan with a well-shaped breast.

Megan Fox Botox Treatment

Did She Do Something With Her Lips?

Concerning natural-looking lips, Megan- My lips are my lips. This generally speaking does not constitute confirmation or disproving the need for injections. However, many witnessed her enlarged lips. It is identical that she added fillers to add volume to the lips. The cosmetologist performed the procedure quite carefully and professionally but the distinction between the lips of the actress are clear from the Transformers  and Jennifer’s Body.

Megan Fox About Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

Megan Fox is an example for women who wish to make their appearance better with cosmetology and plastic surgery. When she first began her professional acting, Megan appeared to be an attractive and sweet girl. However, after her transformations, she turns into a stunning beauty, the goal of many men.

Despite her changing appearance throughout these years, one thing remains the same and it is that the 37-year-old received a lot of praise for her stunning appearance throughout her life.

While comparing the before and after Megan Fox Plastic Surgery photos, we can witness the actress sporting bushier eyebrows, a lifted complexion and a fuller cleavage look. These changes might be due to aging or any different makeup applications and lifestyle changes. Contrary to this, a lot of people wondered what Megan has ever undergone the knife.

And despite Megan Fox Plastic Surgery speculations throughout the decades, including her pictures in 2022 when she visited Diamond Face Institute’s surgery center at Beverly Hills, Megan did not publicly confess about having cosmetic procedures.

Moreover, some dermatologists and surgeons anticipated that she’s had some sort of Blepharoplasty, lip fillers or breast augmentation. Megan is adamant about any surgical procedure she might have been undergoing.


As per our review about Megan Fox Plastic Surgery speculations, the changes in her appearance are quite visible when we compare her pictures from the past. Some of her facial features look more enhanced now. However, we are still waiting for any official confession from Megan’s side to be sure about her cosmetic surgeries.

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