Revealing The Truth Behind Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump faced speculations about having plastic surgery in the past but they came back when she was in the courtroom to testify in the fraud trial of her father. Being a  Former White House advisor and daughter of the former President Donald Trump, many took note of her noticeable change in her face. Let us find out the truth behind the speculations that call for Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery.

Did Ivanka Trump Undergo Plastic Surgery Before Her Dad’s Trial?

On the 8th of November in New York, Invanka Trump sat in the courtroom for five hours, posing several questions concerning her father’s financial affairs and her ties to the Trump Organization. But, her testimony was not the only thing that caused a lot of discussion.

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Dr. Alexander Z. Rivkin, co-founder of RIVKIN Aesthetics, believes that Ivanka had cosmetic treatments on a number of facial features including her chin and nose. While comparing her before and after plastic surgery pictures, the expert recognised that Ivanka looks like she’s undergone a major facelift.

The difference in effects include changes in her facial appearance which now looks more proportioned. It appears to be less natural and generic due to her imperfections being less noticeable. Moreover, he added that her lips are clearly improved with filler. From the front, she looks good, but when she turns her face, the edges appear to be unnaturally large.

Dr. Rivkin on Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery says that she had a naturally slim jawline and a chin during the years 2000 to 2010. But now it appears with signature characteristics which gives it a distinctive look. In the past, however, the doctor believes the distinctive features of Ivanka are now a bit sloppy.

Does Ivanka Trump have breast implants?

When we see some previous pictures of Ivanka Trump, we can witness the change. Since the famous personality never confessed to her plastic surgery rumor, most people speculated that she likely had a breast implant.

When we see her during her teenage years, mostly like below her 20’s, Ivanka was the minimum age for an oblique job. During this time, her breast appears to be natural and real in the past. But in the most recent pictures, we can see that her breasts appear bigger and do not seem to alter regardless of her weight. So, we can assume that she may have fake bosoms.

Her Face Looks More Radiant and New- Expert Opinion About Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Firstly, the experts noticed that her cheeks appear more enlarged in 2023 than ever and anticipated that she most likely had filler particularly at the top. Next, her forehead appears shaped into an elongated shape on her contour which is possibly the result of hyaluronic acid filler.

Ivanka Trump

Next, the experts observed the  fine lines she had around her eyes diminished. They anticipated that she might have undergone energy treatments like radiofrequency or laser treatments to tighten her skin. Various cosmetic surgeons shared different views about Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery. Some believe that it wasn’t due to lighting or makeup as her social media followers claim.

In her recent pictures, we can see her lower face and neck display a more defined jawline with a sculpted long neck. Her nose notably appeared trimmed downwards in recent months which is possibly due to the rhinoplasty procedure. Some believe that the new radiant appearance could be the product of facelift which is quite difficult to determine in photos.

Another cosmetic expert believes that Ivanka already had natural beauty, and any cosmetic procedures she might have had were just an addition to her already beautiful appearance.

Did Ivanka Have Lip Fillers?

Some doctors shared their opinion by saying that Ivanka received some slight lip enhancement like dermal fillers, or the lip flip within the recent years. Not only this, but they also dropped light on her larger and clearly defined jawline. It’s difficult to discern from the images but Ivanka has an amazing jawline and cheekbone definition. Regarding her flawless skin, the experts noted that she may have used Genius radiofrequency microneedling for this outcome.

Ivanka Trump lip fillers

Ivanka Trump’s Secrets To Beauty

Ivanka Trump believes beauty is a matter of skin. She shared that she wants the daughter, Arabella to know that beauty isn’t just about appearance. She essentially wants to teach her the idea that confidence and strength is what make women attractive. The cosmetics and skincare are fun, however, it’s who you are as an individual that counts most.

But, this does not mean she does not follow a makeup regimen. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps you more energetic and enhances your skin is what Ivanka believes. Moreover, we can witness that Ivanka is quite a health-conscious person who is active and doesn’t smoke, and takes care of her skin.


After a thorough review about Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery, we can say Ivanka’s look in her recent pictures. These appearance altercations could be the result of either the cosmetic surgeries or may be due to makeup or lighting effects. Ivanka Trump is yet to confirm any rumor about her new radiant appearance.

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